We value our customers' experience at ISOROBIC, GHQ. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

This is the best device I have come across, and I have been searching through internet and elsewhere for compact, portable devices for over 20 years now. I have tried many of them, some were not bad, some were disposable. I got interested in isokinetic and isometric exercises long ago, and have to admit that this device incorporates all this in such a way, that left me speechless the first time I tried it. I can't imagine a better product in this field.

Toni M.

Wow what can I say! This is the best little, big machine...I have been using this for about 4 years and it still amazes me. I travel a lot and this goes with me everywhere and fits in my suit case. The results are as if I used the gym regularly and I never have step into one.

Al R.

I'm 87 years young and use this machine when I had my stroke, I believe this is what has put me back into living. I can't express how this unit has helped me. I would have never gone out to get excersise and was scared of physical thereapy. This unit made me gain my strength and mobility back. I have it by my chair and use my closet door and do arm srtenghten as I watch tv. plus so much more.

M. Harmon

Dear Dr. T,

This unit has really helped me in so many ways. With my limited space and not being able to go out much this has been a real lifesaver. I feel as though I have everything I need to keep my self mobile and stay fit while I am re cooperating. I can definitely say I will use this on a continued bases even when I'm back fully functioning. Thank you for all the information and a great product.

Ms. Mary B.

I have to say I was very very sckeptical of this machine. It just seemed too small to do what I needed. After getting it I was sure I would try it and send it back. Well its been 3 years and I just ordered one for my wife who is hooked on mine. It does everything those big bulky machines that sit in the coner that gets used as a clothes rack can do and more. We love it and take it in our RV also.

Wonderful exerciser!

Greg T.

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  • "Thank you Dr. Triglia and staff for such a phenomenal system! I am so impressed with the results I've seen in such a short time. The DVD is so easy to follow and the system is so effective in working my muscles and cardio. I am so grateful for this opportunity! I appreciate how friendly and helpful you have been."
    Laura W. / Seaford, DE
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